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Nepal Earthquake


Sat, 02 May 2015

Dear Friends and supporters of Child Haven Nepal,

With a deep breath and heavy heart we are still in shock. There were 7.9 and 6.8 rector scale earthquakes in Nepal on 25th & 26th April 2015. So many people died and were injured and lots of buildings collapsed & cracked. But all of our children and staff are safe. Our buildings are also not bad, but some places are cracked and boundary walls are almost collapsed. We will repair all parts of the school building and our home as well.

During that time we all were staying on the ground in front of the building and cooking for five days. The kitchen staff were amazing...keeping the children fed. The higher secondary and bachelor education boys have been a very great help. The first night they stayed up on patrol in case we had another quake. They have also been great amusing the kids. From yesterday we were sleeping in side the home but still shaken by two tremors.

Kanya Gurung (Shrestha)
Coordinator, Child Haven Nepal

Here is an update from Dil
Dil Bahadur Subba
Principal of Green Tara Child Haven School and Manager of the Child Haven Home.

We are still having aftershocks. Today there was a shock of 5.1 rector at 3 pm

  1. All the brick kilns are destroyed. So, it is very hard to get bricks. We will use the old bricks for repair if it could be reused.
  2. The walls and the floors of both home and the school building have been cracked.
  3. The boundary walls \ metal fencing of the school and the home has been collapsed, especially more of the school.
  4. The boundary wall in front of the toilet building of the children home, where there is prayer wheels, has been damaged. Actually, it is not fallen down but cracked and completely shaken so it is urgently need to remove and reconstruct because it might fall down anytime.
  5. The glasses of the windows are broken.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon and also seeing you soon in May.


Wed, 29 Apr 2015 12:30 pm est

News just in from Dil at our Kathmandu Home that with power on for a few hours a day they have been able to access our deep bore-well and pump water into Child Haven's new underground cistern which seems to have held up OK. This has made it possible for the Home to be able to supply drinking water to others in the community since the municipal water system is not functioning. They have also made part of Child Haven's Green Tara School available for sleeping to neighbors who have either lost their homes, or whose homes are not earthquake resistant until the tremors are over and other arrangements can be made. We continue to be moved by how people are coming together to overcome this great tragedy. Thanks for all your on-going support in this time of great need.

Robin Cappuccino


Each dollar donated by May 25 to Child Haven for our earthquake relief fund will be matched by the Canadian Government. Their money will be distributed by them in Nepal.

Donations to Child Haven will be administered by us. Bonnie and Robin Cappuccino are leaving on May 6 for their visit of our Homes overseas including Nepal, and will see that our donations for earthquake relief in Nepal are properly utilized.

Steven Bayne, CHI office manager

Earthquake Relief Fund

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Tue, 28 Apr 2015 2:03 pm est

We have been in frequent contact with the Home over the past few days and the children and staff report that they are doing well under the circumstances.  They are still sleeping outside in the court-yard and making food in the gate-house.  There was some power restored yesterday and they were able to refill the water reservoir.  Some tarps have been put up which helped protect everyone from the torrential rains which have fallen since the earthquake.  After-shocks are continuing and are causing understandable anxiety for staff and children.  In spite of all the sadness at what has happened, everyone is working together to make the best of the situation.  The photos show some of the boundary walls which have fallen in and some cracks which appeared in the buildings.  They will be checked carefully before the children go back into the Home. The extent of damage to lives and structures in the entire region is very saddening.  We are keeping in close touch with our staff, and the various groups and individuals we work with to assess needs in the area.  We will carefully allocate funds received above and beyond the needs of our Home as best we are able to directly provide for those most in need.  Thanks to everyone for your support, concern and love.


photos are posted on Facebook,

Mon, 27 Apr 2015 11:29 am est

I wanted to share my perceptions from exchanging messages with some of our college-age boys last night before their batteries ran out.  It sounds like power is still out, but I am imaging the solar back-up we set-up will be of some use.  They were at the Home helping out and said that the children are still camped out in the court-yard, except for a few of the youngest children that were moved into the dining hall during some heavy rains that they had over the past few days.  It sounds like they are trying to keep the spirits up as much as they can.  They said that the compound wall around the Home came down, but were hoping that when the Main buildings are inspected that they will be given the approval to go back in.  We won't know that for sure until an engineer checks them out.  Plus there is danger from after-shocks which it sounds like have been very severe. We also heard as you know that the verandah fell in around the Green Tara School.

Robin Cappuccino

Sun, 26 Apr 2015 10:03:34 pm est

I have some sad news. Dan Fredinburg with Michele Battelli visited the Child Haven Nepal home on behalf of Baal Dan a couple of years ago was killed in the avalanche on Everest during the earthquake.

He and Michele were back to attempt Everest again this month and had intended on stopping by Child Haven on their way back to see the new kitchen and third floor. Michele was injured but is ok.

We are raising funds in honor of Dan to go to Child Haven in Nepal and I would like it to go specifically to repair the home damage and for any other critical needs of children in the area.

Tanya Pinto

Sat, 25 Apr 2015 3:37 pm est

We understand the college students are all ok, still not sure if everyone was contacted – maybe most of them are at Child Haven.  A former volunteer and Montessori teacher has been in contact with some of her friends everyone in the city is being told not to go into any building for the next 72 hours due to aftershocks.

Sat, 25 Apr 2015 12:55 pm est

I just managed to speak with Virginia again and she said the news is reporting that there is going to be another large quake in about 45 min. at midnight their time.  She said most of the college students were at the home.  Many of the children are quite scared and the staff are amazing serving food in the court
yard. The connection was cut before I could find out any more.
Bonnie Cappuccino

April 25 2015 5:26 am EST,

Dear Bonnieme,  namaskar
I had called to Kanya, Sangita  to convey our love and care as they have been hit by 7.8 rector Earthquake.  They are okay, all children and staffs were in the  yard. However, there is  bit damage in our walls and huge destruction through Nepal. Sorry to convey this sad news.

Arjun Mani Guragain


We are very sad to hear news of the loss of life, injuries and massive destruction from the earthquake in Nepal.  We were very relieved to hear from our Kathmandu Project Co-ordinator, Kanya, that our children and staff are doing OK.

There has been some damage to the verandahs at the Green Tara School, and a staircase at the Kathmandu Home, where the children are sitting huddled in the courtyard.

By and large it appears that both buildings seem to have made through the worst of the quake but we are uncertain of the damage at this time. We don't know that the buildings are safe yet.

At last report the children are not yet entering the buildings until they are thoroughly checked for more major damage or instability.

We are thankful to the engineers and architects who were so careful to design our buildings to be earthquake resistant.

Our hearts go out to all those have lost loved ones, sustained injuries, or have lost their homes and livelihood from this earth-shattering quake. 

Bonniema and I leave on May 6th to visit all our Homes including our Kathmandu Home. We will be able to pass on any donations directly to those most in need and to repair damage at the Home.

We have setup a earthquake relief fund.

Contributions can be made through PayPal, by Credit Card or Cheque or by calling our office.

Robin Cappuccino

Earthquake Relief Fund

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