March 26, 2020

Message on the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

~Spring Fundraising Dinners Cancelled~

We at Child Haven send our love and heart-felt concern to everyone in these deeply challenging times. We hope that you and your loved ones are finding ways to remain safe and well. Thankfully, as of this writing our Children’s Homes and Women’s Projects are free from the Coronavirus. Our Homes are practicing extra sanitation and limiting visitors coming into their compounds.

The biggest challenge to our children’s well-being at this time is that we have had to cancel many of our Spring Fund-raising Dinners to help prevent the spread of the virus. We will miss this opportunity to spend time with our greater Child Haven family.

Critically, we will also miss the donations given at these Dinners which we rely on to feed and care for our children through the months ahead. Child Haven is a grassroots organization. The loving care our children receive depends completely on contributions from generous supporters. We ask that, should it be within your means, you consider making a donation to help see our children through this critical period. You can make a general, or a Needs List donation here on our web-site. As always your contribution will be eligible for a tax receipt and is greatly appreciated.

Together we will overcome this pandemic. This crisis underscores the need to prioritize and invest in health-care, education, and housing for everyone. It illustrates that we are all one interconnected family on this earth with much more to gain from cooperation and collaboration than from hostility and malice. Child Haven will continue our efforts to uplift those among us who even before this virus were struggling, as millions do, with no health-care, adequate food or housing.

We are most grateful for your support.  

Please give what you are able to the children at Child Haven.



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