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Tribal Children's HomePen

Caring For: 50 children, 4 women

Language: Mahrathi plus tribal languages


The Ankur Trust Tribal Children’s Home was started for Kathkari children in 1995. The Home provides a residential facility for these children to attend school, while their parents, who are primarily migrant farm-workers travel with the crop plantings and harvests in the region. This migrant life-style had made it impossible for the children in this "tribal" community to attend school. Many of these children are the first in their families to be able to attend school. During the school vacation the children return to their families.

Apart from formal education, a lot of emphasis is placed on character building, and inculcating pride in their rich heritage. Through this, we intend to develop community leaders who will have the potential to act as agents of change in their own communities. The first Kathkari student passed his SSLC in second class in 1999-2000. Over the years, some of our students have even completed their M.A. Girl students have become ANM nurses. The students, especially the girls are now looked at as role models in their communities. These achievements are quite revolutionary for a community steeped in poverty, illiteracy and superstitions. These students are also given training in agri-based livelihood options. Our Home is located in Pen, Raigad district and hosts 50 students (girls and boys).

Child Haven, which has contributed financially to the running of the home for many years, became the sole funder in 2010.

august 2012


Child Haven subsidizes Ankur Trust Tribal Children's Home for 50 tribal children and 4 women in Pen, a larger municipality near Savarsai.





Candle dance





Two of our girls performing the candle dance







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